About me

A student that indulged himself with the world of creativity. He likes dubbing, lyrics writing, writing, designing and writing Chinese calligraphy. Proficient in Cantonese and Mandarin, fluent in English.

Favourite colours: Yellow, White, Orange, Blue
Favourite cuisines: Japanese and French
Favourite animals: Cats, rabbits
Lots of favourite singers and food
Favourite movies: Somewhere in time, and a certain Thai film

 Awards or participation:

2009 Educational Bureau "ClipIt" : Participation Award
2008 Caritas Hong Kong Tuen Mun Youth Integrated Services : "Olympic Spirit Film-shooting Competition" (In the Name of FCK)
2008 TWGHs Sun Hoi Directors' College Chinese Input Competition - 1st Runner Up

2011 Online Radio 自家一台 《靜候佳音》
2010 Openradio Hong Kong 金融分析全方位 (co-hosting with Kelvin Cheng)
2009 Openradio Hong Kong 環球歷史系列

2010, 2008, 2005 TWGHs Sun Hoi Directors College Open Day Master of Ceremony

2011 tvR 2011兔年賀歲行大運
2010 tvR 餚抵特搜
2009 tvR 社區焦點

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Reporting in Delight Media Hong Kong

Lyrics writing
60+ Cantonese/ Mandarin Lyrics writing experience